MiniSpir New with disposable turbine



We regret to inform you that this product can only be purchased through our German online shop. Please contact the manufacturer (MIR) to find a distributor in your country.


MiniSpir New

The MiniSpir New is a PC based spirometer for complete respiratory passage analysis with extended test interpretation. The PC spirometer is supplied standard with the WinspiroPRO® Software, which is particularly popular thanks to its user-friendly approach. The various child-friendly animations playfully motivate children to cooperate. The MiniSpir New enables cost-effective COPD and asthma screening and is intuitive to use.


Product Details

  • Very user-friendly PC spirometer
  • For a full respiratory passage analysis
  • Real-time flow/volume and volume/time curve
  • Pre- and post-dilator comparison
  • Estimated lung age
  • Bronchial provocation test including the new Mannitol protocol with FEV1-effect curves
  • Various animations to appeal to children
  • Supplied with WinspiroPRO ® and high performance PC software
  • Can be used with single-use or reusable turbines
  • Supplied with nose clip, case and a single-use or reusable turbine


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