Introcan Intravenous Cannula 24G, 0.7 x 19 mm, yellow SSB



The Introcan intravenous cannula was designed specifically for one-handed puncturing and, therefore, has no wings. Thanks to the 4 radiopaque strips, the intravenous cannula shows up clearly on X-rays. The material contains no latex or PVC, which means the Introcan intravenous cannula is very well tolerated. The peripheral venous catheters are colour-coded and the atraumatic cannula syringe ensures a reduced pain experience for the patient.


Product Details

  • Introcan intravenous cannula
  • Without wings
  • Hydrophobic blood stop valve
  • Lock connection
  • Colour-coded
  • Latex and PVC-free
  • Meets ISO standard 10.555-1/5
  • 4 radiopaque stripes
  • Atraumatic needle tip with 3-facet cut geometry
  • Specifically for one-hand puncture
  • Available in various sizes
  • 1 piece


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